How to Move Back In With Your Parents

Move Back In With Your Parents

Find the top tips for moving back in with your parents so that this important change goes as smoothly as possible.

Moving back in with your parents can be very helpful to achieve financial goals or to help aid a new career venture. You might initially feel ashamed, sad, embarrassed or just outright distressed at the idea, but it can be a really smart move and it doesn’t have to be as traumatic as you imagine, especially if you approach it right.

Plan And Think It Through

It is important to think through moving with your parents and creating a plan that involves how you will save money, how long it will take and include outgoings like board you need to pay them and other outgoings. The more you think it through the more likely you are to be successful with your plan.

Don’t Fall Back To Being A Lazy Teenager

You can’t move back into your parents house and act like you did years ago. You have to live by their rules and their expectations for their home. You need to top the toilet roll up, clean up after yourself and generally pull your weight. Having a chat with them before you move in to discuss expectations is a good idea.

Don’t Bring Your Whole Home With You

Your parents value their home and will likely expect you to fill up a room, not the whole house. With that in mind, consider using some London storage (or local to you) to store most of your things whilst you save money at your parents. Cheap self storage from is very flexible, secure and ensures everything will be available to you when you move back out and into a home of your own.

Check In Regularly

Try to keep communication open and check in regularly with how you living with your parents is going. That way any issues can be discussed and addressed quickly before they turn into something bigger and harder to sort out.

Don’t Just Treat It Like A Hotel

Although you need to give yourself space and your parents space, they need to see some benefit from you living at home that makes them feel like they matter and that they are appreciated. Continue to arrange special time with them as you would when you didn’t live with them. Whether that is a meal out, a take away altogether or just a cup of tea and a chat.

Get Ready To Be Turned Down

If you are just coming back from university the chances are you can move back home. However if you are 30 or older, then you need to consider the fact your parents might be happily living without any kids in their home. They might be so enamoured with their life now, they don’t really want you coming back to change anything. It might feel painful but that can happen and your parents have every right to not accept your request to move back home. Prepare yourself for this to happen, and try to be understanding of any emotional concerns that do come up from your conversation about moving back home. It isn’t personal and the priority is keeping your relationship with your parents in tact, even if that does mean sucking it up when they reject your request to move back in.

Moving back home with your parents can be challenging but it can be such an incredible opportunity to get where you want with financial goals. Do plan well, do be respectful and do remain as considerate as possible. The more amicable this scenario is, the better your finances and your relationship with your parents is likely to be.

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