Planning to Get an Airline Loyalty Membership Card? Here is a List of 5 Questions to Help You Pick the Best

Planning to Get an Airline Loyalty Membership Card? Here is a List of 5 Questions to Help You Pick the Best

If you are a frequent flyer, you might already know the various benefits that you can enjoy with an airline loyalty program. But with so many airlines now having their own loyalty programs, how will you select the best? Consider the questions discussed in this post to make the right decision.

While frequent flying can be delightful; the flight tickets can be very heavy on your pocket. To help such frequent flyers, many of the airlines have introduced loyalty programs to ensure that flying is more feasible and convenient.

Selecting the best program can be a difficult decision as you’ll have to commit yourself to a single airline for all of your flying needs. To make the selection easier, such programs often provide a number of valuable benefits.

If you are looking for one such airline loyalty program, here is a list of 5 questions that can help you select the best-

  1. How many Air Miles can you Collect?

Start comparing the loyalty programs on the basis of air miles you can earn, especially when flying to your regularly travelled destinations. Most frequent flyers travel for business reasons and often have a few destinations which they visit to on a regular basis. Check how many miles you can earn every time you fly to such destinations.

  1. Are there other Airline Partners?

Many of the air carriers have now partnered with other global air carriers to provide maximum benefits to the frequent flyers. With this facility, you can collect air miles even when you fly with one of the partnerair carriers. This is an important consideration as it not only allows you to earn air miles for travelling with multiple airlines but you also get to redeem the collected air miles when booking tickets of partner air carriers too.

  1. How much Baggage Allowance?

Another significant benefit of such loyalty cards or programs is the additional baggage allowance. As compared to a regular flyer, such programs allow frequent flyers to carry more baggage without paying any additional charges. If you regularly fly and generally bring a lot of baggage with you, this is one factor that you cannot afford to miss when selecting a loyalty program.

  1. How can the Air Miles be Used?

Apart from getting discounts on flight bookings, most loyalty programs allow you to use the collected miles in a number of ways. From hotel bookings, restaurants, shopping, renting cars, cruise bookings, to movie tickets, the air miles can be used at a lot of places to get a considerable discount. When selecting a loyalty card, ensure that you do go through the different ways in which the airline allows you to use the collected miles.

  1. What are the Additional Benefits?

Apart from the points discussed above, most programs also offer a number of additional benefits. These can include priority check-in, lounge access at airports, zero cancellation fee, seat upgrades, and more. Consider these benefits as well when selecting the best airline loyalty membership card.

If you are a frequent flyer and looking for the best airline loyalty program, these are the questions that can help you make the right decision. Avoid rushing through the process as a smart choice could help you enjoy a large number of fantastic benefits while also making your air travel more affordable and rewarding.

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