Tips for hiring Car on Rent in India

Tips for hiring Car on Rent in India

Unlike other countries, when you’re hiring a car on rent in India, it usually comes along with a driver. This might take time to understand if it’s your first visit to India and you must be wondering “why I should hire both instead of just hiring a car”.

Well, hiring a car with a driver is the best option for independent travellers, where they can have their flexibilities and power over their itineraries with the ease of traveling.

This way you can stop at places that are interesting to view, and not be anxious about how to go there, or how long to stay there. Although self-driving car options are trending these days in India, though it is not suggested for safety and psychological reason, as the driving rules and poor road conditions, are not obeyed religiously in India.

If you are planning to travel to places like Kerala or Rajasthan, then renting a car is a good decision. As this would be your first experience and here are some things must to know before you hire car on rent in India.

1 – What are the Charges?

It depends on the types of car. Also, if the driver is fluent in English, then they may charge more because of their ability communicate well with foreigners

Although the charges would be on per kilometre basis, the charges in different regions of India can be more or less irrespective of the distance. The rates of each car is different for a rental company and the state. Here are the estimates in the different cars:

Small size Car:

Usually, the small size cars are AC cars like Tata Indica, which starts from Rs 10/km. This type of car is cheap and comfortable to fit 4 passengers, then comes the reliable old Ambassadors, which would be priced at around Rs 15/km.

Medium size Car:

Medium size cars are SUVs or Mahindra Xylo which starts at Rs 13/km. They are comfortable to fit 4 to 6 passengers.

Large size Cars

Large size cars are the typical Tempo Traveller. They start from Rs 18/km, they are the minibuses and has a strength to fit 10 travellers.

These are travel rates which might differ from places to places. That usually includes insurance, fuel, tolls, state tax, and parking with driver’s food and accommodation. If you are visiting for sightseeing within the city, then charges would be less.

2 – Where Can You Hire From?

Any tours and travel company would be able to provide you cars for rent. Also, hotels offer cars on rent as per your travel requirement. But rates will be costlier in hotel-based booking, so it is better to book from a genuine travel agency company. Also, it suggested making comparisons and research well to choose what would be best for you. Likewise, decent drivers having their own car also run this as a business; just you need to have some good references.

3 – Do you need to sponsor driver’s meal?

Drivers are provided with their daily allowance from their employers, which includes their food and accommodation expenses. Also, some hotels offer a separate stay, particularly for drivers. However, mostly drivers sleep in the car itself to save their expense.

The foreign travellers are habitual to equality, feel that the drivers should be dinning with them, during lunch hours while they are on the road. But in India it isn’t normal; drivers will have their own places to eat and would not like to join you for social reasons. As India is a hierarchy-orient country. And don’t be astonished if they don’t accept your invitation.

4 – How much to Tip the Driver?

Well, it is better to know first how much you should tip so that you have a comfortable travel experience. In general, Rs. 200 to Rs 400 is worth giving on a day.
Getting a car on rent while exploring incredible India, would make it your best travel trip. With a car, you can observe the beauty of every destination and collect precious memories in your luggage while you go back.

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