Wheelchair Bound- How To Look Up For Handicap Friendly Accommodations

Wheelchair Bound- How To Look Up For Handicap Friendly Accommodations

If you or any of your family member has mobility restrictions and you are traveling, then you will have to book yourself into an accessible hotel. This is an accepted fact as hotels that do not offer the accessible features will not be suitable for anyone who is physically challenged. Finding one such hotel if not impossible can be tough. Not everyone knows how to go about the process and few simple tips are helpful in this regard. So, anyone who is stuck with a wheelchair for a definite or indefinite period, can find the tips helpful while looking up handicap friendly accommodations.

Handicap Friendly Accommodations- Tips To Look Out For One

Experience teaches one a lot. Finding handicap friendly accommodations might not be easier for those who are looking forward to book one for the first time. A few handy tips from those who are in the same boat comes useful.

  • As a starter, try and look up for handicap friendly accommodations online. Almost all hotels nowadays have an online presence and guests find it easier to have an idea of the hotel by looking at the pictures, amenities and features enlisted. They can also have a clear idea about the credibility of the hotel from the various user reviews posted on the hotel’s website. You can also filter your search as per your requirements.
  • Do not wait too much for finalizing the booking. Handicap friendly accommodations are not easy to come by, and there might not be a lot as well. That is why there might be a beeline for bookings. If you do not hurry up, you can end up missing a spot. So, once you are settled with the choice, ensure that you have called and confirmed the same with the hotel. It does not hurt to be sure that you have a room booked in your name. It is normal to feel anxious and there is no harm in cross-checking the booking more than once.
  • Unfortunate incidents can still take place. That is why if you find that the hotel has duped you, you still need to fight for the same. You have all the right to move the law and can voice your complain with the hotel management and staff. If the booking is made through any booking company or agency, then you have to mention the same so that they can back your complain up. At the same time, if there is any other requirement from your end, don’t be afraid or shy to ask.

It is fine to look out for hotels that are wheelchair friendly, but you will not only be cooped up in a single room. You will also want to access the other areas of the hotel like the lobby, or the pool side or the restaurant on the roof-top. You have to be sure that the hotel promises you an all over comfortable stay. Not all hotels will be willing to share so much details over the phone. If they are unwilling, then you can either get in touch with them directly or go through the user reviews, or get a word or two of advice from known sources.

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